Moon Investments is a related entity to Cape Precious Metals, an established refinery certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Our Bullion range provides highest-quality precious metals in a variety of sizes.

Our affordable range of smaller bars and medallions makes investing more accessible to those with limited budgets or who want to spread their investment over a selection of items. We also offer larger 1kg and 500g cast Silver bars.

All items are minted with the 99.9 purity stamp for Silver or 999.9 purity for Gold and are sold with proof of authenticity.

Smaller items are much more liquid than the large bars, allowing investors to sell percentages of their physical bullion. Our medallions are attractive for their verifiably high precious metal content and do not carry the premium markup that make collectable coins an inefficient way to invest. Additionally, buyers need not worry about diminishing or subjective value when cashing in, as Gold dealers base their buy-back price on the melt value of the item rather than prevailing tastes or collector opinion.